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Fish Love

Years of misrepresentation have granted fish the status of “low-effort” pets. Don’t have time to walk a dog? Get a goldfish. Love furry kitties but hate having cat hair all over your carpet? Pick up a betta in a plastic cup from your local pet shop. However, it turns out that we have been sold a lie for all these years: fish actually do require quite a bit of attention. What’s more, certain types of fish may need even more care than other household furry friends. Hamsters imply a costly first-shop, as you need to pick out a cage, a water bottle, a food dish, and accessories; however, their food and bedding are pretty cheap. And hamsters are not exactly social creatures anyway, so they’re happy to just be left alone and observed from afar. Parrots, on the other hand, are extremely sociable little creatures – they love being around people! They also live a very long life – about 25 years on average – so maybe they wouldn’t make the best companions for small children. Dogs and cats make extraordinary sidekicks for both kids and young teenagers, but they do involve a lot of responsibility. Dogs must be walked three times a day, they enjoy being around other doggies and they need to get the exercise in so that they stay in great shape. Cats are more reserved, but they still need to be brushed and groomed fairly often. Cute as they are, conventional pets like these might not be the best choice for your family.

Plan Betta

If you’re looking for a wonderful little animal with a bold and bright personality, then a betta fish could be the right choice for you! Bettas, or siamese fighting fish, are a relatively small species of fish native to South-East Asia. They are especially popular with fish-owners due to their impressive wide-flared fins and vibrant colors. Why are they called fighting fish? Because they are extremely territorial: you can’t house two adults together in the same tank. It’s all good, you’ll only have to buy a tiny fish-bowl-for-one, right? Well, it’s more complicated than that. While they can definitely survive in tiny aquariums, they are highly intelligent critters, and they won’t thrive if they aren’t placed in the right environment. They need a big tank, complete with an air filter and a heater, as well as a lot of plants. Their native habitat gives them plenty of opportunities to hide, so they need to be surrounded by plants in order to feel safe. I know buying a tank is a huge purchase for a beginner, and it can get quite confusing, so if you need advice make sure to check out the best tank for betta fish here! Temperature is another thing that can make a world of difference in your betta’s setup. They come from tropical climates so they’re used to having warmer water. Warmer water means they get to show off their stunning coloration and pearlescent scales. If you’re looking to keep your little friend nice and toasty, have a look at the best aquarium heater according to Pets Ami!

What to do when your car battery dies

Getting in your car to go to work and trying to turn the engine on with no success is every car owner’s biggest nightmare. That’s a telltale sign of a dead battery. Still, if it happened in your driveway then it’s still not so bad. Sometimes when the battery is low it can die right in the middle of a traffic jam, making you stuck in the middle of the road with other people honking because you’re blocking the way.

What causes a dead battery?

Car batteries can fail for many reasons. Sometimes it’s because the battery is simply too old. Another common cause is driver’s fault. If you fail to turn off your headlights before leaving your car in the garage overnight, there is a high probability that you’ll wake up to a dead battery because the lights have been draining power from the battery all night. Another common culprit is cold weather. It can take the engine twice as much power, as usual, to start an engine in low temperatures.

What to do in case of a dead battery

So now you found your car battery dead and need to get it to work somehow. Fortunately, it can be done easily as long as you have jumper cables and another working car near you. Jump starting a car means using another car’s charged battery to revive your dead one.

For that, you will need jumper cables. If you don’t have any, purchase them now. Here you can find the best jumper cables reviews. Jumper cables should be an essential piece of equipment required to be carried at all times. For other useful car gear, check out the Be Your Car website.

You also need help from another driver. Ask your neighbor to lend you his engine’s power or hail someone from the road. Often, drivers will help each other out in situations like these – after all, many of us has experienced the same problem. You can also use your second car if you have one.

Put the vehicles next to each other but don’t allow them to touch. Put the cars in Neutral or Park and turn off both engines.

Now, attach the end of the positive cable (the red one) to the positive terminal of the dead battery. The other end should be attached to the positive terminal of the working battery. The negative cable (the black one) goes onto the negative terminal of the working battery. However, never attach it to the negative terminal of the dead battery. The other end should be connected to an unpainted metal surface under the dead car’s hood. Somewhere around the engine block is usually good.

Start the engine of the car doing the starting and run it idly for a few minutes. Then, attempt to start the dead car by turning the ignition key. It can take a few tries. When done, disconnect the cables in reverse order.

If the battery was simply drained due to owner’s mistake, around 30 minutes of driving should charge it fully again. However, if you suspect there is some other problem with the battery itself or maybe another car component, such as an alternator, bring your car to the mechanics immediately.

How to arrange a stylish kitchen?

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It’s not simply the room in which we prepare our meals. It can also serve as the space where you can provide your family with home-cooked meals to show them that you love them, socialize with guests during a party or simply get ready for the day by cooking up nutritious meals. Whatever you use your kitchen for, it is undoubtedly a room that is hard to live without. So why not make it a space that makes you actually want to spend time in it.

You don’t have to rearrange and renovate the whole kitchen to give it a completely new look. Simplest room makeovers involve only changing up some accessories and decorations. That’s often enough to give you that ‘new kitchen’ feel without spending a ton of money.

First, you should think about what kind of design you are more interested in. Are you more of a traditional person who loves the warm kitchens that project the homely atmosphere? Or maybe you prefer the modern and sleek designs with vivid (or perhaps monochromatic) colors? There are plenty of styles to choose from and you probably have a favorite one in mind already. Changing the basic overall style of your kitchen can be costly though, but fortunately, you can always start small and go from there.

There are some great kitchen items with universal designs that go well together with just about anything.

Wooden utensils, such as spatulas or cutlery with wooden handles, have more of a traditional image but they also match cool black-and-white kitchens by breaking down the cold interiors. And they’re eco-friendly! Nowadays, you can get full bamboo sets of basic utensils that even include bamboo whisks or tongs. Wooden designs are safe to use with food but they do need to be cleaned very carefully to prevent bacteria from growing.

Another great choice is metal designs. Kitchen items made from metal components are very easy to clean and will also fit most kitchen styles. They are extremely sturdy and are not easily damaged. They are also not limited in the same way as wooden items sometimes are, e.g. cutting boards made from wood can fall apart when put in a dishwasher. A good metal dish rack will look a hundred times better than a cheap plastic one and will last you for years.

No matter the style of the kitchen you’re looking for, make sure to also think about functionality. Are the accessories you want to buy durable? Will that piece of décor you saw at the furniture store the other week be easy to clean if you put it in the vicinity of your stove? Always think your purchases over thoroughly to make sure that the things you buy are not going to be more of a nuisance than a stylish item.

If you like cooking then take time to make your kitchen a space that feels both comfortable and is enjoyable to be in. And even if you are more of a take-out kind of person, having a stylish kitchen will make it more exciting for you to be in there.

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