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“Great app, opened my eyes to so many benefits I didn’t know about!”

– Tommy D., Navy Veteran

Less than 40% of US veterans use any of the veterans benefits they’ve earned– benefits that can be worth thousands of dollars per year.  Even more alarming, 59% of veterans say they know little to nothing about their eligible benefits.

That’s why we created the FREE MILISOURCE mobile app, so you can take advantage of all the veterans benefits you’ve earned.  MILISOURCE provides veterans benefits information and resources, including personalized, profile-driven benefits recommendations. The comprehensive app includes a proprietary database of over 900 veterans benefits available from the VA, state veterans departments and veterans service organizations.

MILISOURCE also includes deals, discounts and coupons for veterans and military service members. You can search or browse for deals and even map the store locations near you! Plus, for deal with coupons, you can scan their barcodes at the point of sale right from your smartphone’s screen.


After using MILISOURCE, 53% of veterans say they found new benefits and 92% consider it helpful for learning about their benefits.

Now ALL veterans, regardless of whether or not they have Defense Mobile wireless service, can download MILISOURCE for FREE.  Download it today and take advantage of all the benefits you’ve earned in return for your military service.

After you identify your eligible benefits, MILISOURCE provides access to forms and support centers to get you started.  The app also simplifies calling for benefits support from the VA, VFW Service Officers or your state veterans department.  In addition, MILISOURCE features benefits news, deals and discounts for veterans, information about thousands of veterans facilities, and a State Benefits Look up Tool that covers all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

“This app is so useful, and shows a lot of benefits that most veterans have no idea they are entitled to. I have just scratched the surface with this app, and I am looking forward to sharing this information with my fellow veterans.”

Carl Z., Navy Veteran



    Setup your private, secure MILISOURCE profile to determine your benefits eligibility. A profile includes the member’s personal data, disability info, military service status, service recognition history and life situations. Members can update their profiles anytime.


    After completing your profile, the MILISOURCE app sorts through over 900 federal, state and Veterans Service Organization benefits to determine the ones you’re eligible to receive. Then the app groups them into the MyBenefits folder so you can quickly review them.


    Access a wealth of detailed information about veterans benefits. Browse or search all the MILISOURCE benefit summaries, reference the complete VA Benefits Book or read benefits articles from

  • Military & VETERans deals and discounts

Save with deals, discounts and coupons for military service members and veterans.  Search for military and veteran deals or browse by category.  Save when you shop in-store or online.  Scan coupons right from your smartphone at checkout.  Map nearby locations for deals. Includes full discount details and eligibility requirements for each deal.


    Look up Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits for any college or qualified training program.  Learn about state veterans benefits for any state, the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico.  Or, find your nearest VA facilities from MILISOURCE‘s database of over six thousand VA, USO, VFW and American Legion facilities.


    Stay up-to-date on veterans benefits with the integrated MILISOURCE news feed. Plus get “Did You Know” reminders about the benefits you are eligible to receive.

  • Social sharing

Share the MILISOURCE app with your friends using email, social networks and more! Plus, share specific benefits or deals and help other veterans get the benefits they earned.

Minimum Requirements:

iPhones and iPads require iOS 7.1.2. Android smartphones require Android v4.2.2.